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Roller Blinds: By Simply Blinds

As a family business for over 20 years, the skills to handcraft Roller Blinds have been passed down through generations. Opened in 1997, my Dad started the Roller Blind section of the Business, and throughout the years, four family members have all undergone training to craft roller blinds with precision. We handcraft Roller Blinds to your bespoke requests with various fabrics, colours, braids and finishing shapes.

With more than 20 years of industry experience, we can help you to decide what type of blinds would best suit your needs and windows, and we have many great reviews from our Clients that we have helped to decide on what blinds to purchase. All measuring and quoting are free, and we will get you booked within 48 hours for an appointment. At Simply Blinds, we aim to have your blinds made and a fitting appointment available within five working days.

Whether you are working to a budget or not, we have a range of options with Roller blinds to suit all budgets. As we are always looking for new and innovative designs, we work together as a family with our clients to develop new designs. At Simply Blinds, we have become leading experts in advising our clients on the best solution that suits their requirements.

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Roller Blinds By Simply Blinds Liverpool

At Simply Blinds, our budget range of White, Grey or Cream basic Roller Blinds is an ideal solution when starting your first property or moving house on a budget. These blinds can be handcrafted to look plain or dressy. You choose whether or not you want decorative poles or tassels, or if you want a plain finish.
PVC Roller Blinds are ideal for Bathrooms and Kitchens. The PVC blinds are washable with soap and water and are very durable, long-lasting and grease-proof. PVC Roller Blinds are available in various colours to suit your décor or taste.

Blackout Roller Blinds are available in a wide range of colours and are a perfect solution to early sunrises waking up the little ones or TV Screen glare. Plastic or metal chains can raise and lower your roller blinds. Blackout Roller Blinds are also sponge wipeable and are ideal in the kids’ bedrooms or play rooms.

Vision Blinds, sometimes known as Night and Day Blinds, are a more modern type of Roller Blind. With Vision Blinds, you can block out visibility or set your blinds to have 50/50 Vision. In addition to the visibility setting in your Vision Blind, you can also roll the blind up and down the window.


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