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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of 20 frequently asked questions about window blinds for Simply Blinds Liverpool, with answers tailored to what we know about the company:

  1. What types of blinds does Simply Blinds Liverpool offer?

    • Simply Blinds Liverpool offers Roller, Vertical, Venetian, and Perfect-Fit Blinds.

  2. Can I get a quick quote for blinds from Simply Blinds Liverpool online?

    • Yes, you can get a quick quote by visiting their website and filling out the 'Get A Quick Quote' form with your details.

  3. Does Simply Blinds Liverpool provide a free measurement and fitting service?

    • Yes, Simply Blinds Liverpool offers a free measurement and fitting service.

  4. How long has Simply Blinds Liverpool been in the industry?

    • Simply Blinds Liverpool has been an industry leader since 1997.

  5. Does Simply Blinds Liverpool serve areas outside of Liverpool?

    • You can check their website's 'Areas We Cover' section or contact them directly for this information.

  6. Are the blinds from Simply Blinds Liverpool fire retardant?

  7. Can I subscribe for updates from Simply Blinds Liverpool?

    • Yes, you can subscribe to Simply Blinds Liverpool for updates by joining via their subscription prompt on the website.

  8. Where is Simply Blinds Liverpool located?

    • The company is located at Unit 3, Crossvale Business Park, Crossvale Road, Huyton, Liverpool, L36 0UY.

  9. How can I contact Simply Blinds Liverpool?

  10. Does Simply Blinds Liverpool offer Day and Night Blinds?

  11. How do I measure blinds for my windows?

  12. How can I learn more about Simply Blinds Liverpool's products and services?

    • Visit the 'About' section on their website or contact them directly to find out more.

  13. Are Simply Blinds Liverpool's products customisable?

    • The blinds are made to measure, which implies a level of customisation. Contact them for more details.

  14. What is the turnaround time for Simply Blinds Liverpool’s free fitting service?

    • You can contact Simply Blinds Liverpool directly for specific turnaround times for their services.

  15. Do Simply Blinds Liverpool blinds come with a warranty?

    • It’s best to inquire with Simply Blinds Liverpool directly for warranty information.

  16. Can I find Simply Blinds Liverpool's privacy policy?

    • Yes, our privacy policy is accessible from the website footer or the 'Privacy Policy' page.

  17. Are the products from Simply Blinds Liverpool child-safe?

    • Child safety is a priority, but contact Simply Blinds Liverpool directly for specifics on child safety features.

  18. Can I find customer testimonials for Simply Blinds Liverpool?

    • Customer testimonials are not mentioned in the provided information, but you may contact Simply Blinds for reviews or testimonials.

  19. Does Simply Blinds Liverpool offer any deals or discounts on blinds?

    • For information on current promotions or discounts, contact Simply Blinds Liverpool directly or check their website.

  20. How can I keep up with Simply Blinds Liverpool's latest innovations and products?

    • By subscribing to updates and checking their 'Blog' section regularly.

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