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Perfect Measuring: Master the Art of Precision for Your New Blinds

Carefully selected and meticulously fitted blinds are like icing on the cake for a room's decor. Imagine, the light filtering in through perfectly fitted blinds that portray not only a beautifully adorned window but also the success of your newfound measuring skills.

Step one: Choose the correct type of blind for your room.

Translating a vision into reality is emblematic of the journey that we, at Simply Blinds, embark on with our customers. Choosing the right blinds is more than just a mere shopping expedition; it's about finely realising the creative image in each homeowner's mind. To further enhance this customer-centric approach, and with a commitment to improve clarity in your journey, we have devised a comprehensive array of diagrams to illustrate exactly what you will be bringing into your home. Our ambition is to ensure that your every expectation is accurately met, leaving no room for ambiguity or disappointment.

Roller Blind

Roller Blinds

Introducing Simply Blinds' Roller Blinds, a sophisticated fusion of style, functionality, and innovation designed to transform outlooks and outcomes for our discerning clientele. These roller blinds are meticulously crafted to seamlessly blend with your contemporary living spaces, offering a radiant marriage of aesthetic refinement and practical utility that make them a top draw for homes and businesses alike.

Day And Night Blind

Day And Night Blinds

Day And Night Blinds are the epitome of adaptability and grace. Crafted using a dual fabric system, these blinds can usher in the daylight to start your day on a bright note and then transform into blackout blinds as the day turns to dusk. This fluid transition from a light-dappled morning to a tranquil evening thanks to the innovative roller system that alternates between the beautifully woven translucent and opaque fabric bands.

Vertical Blind

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are robust, elegant, and destined to bring a breath of fresh air into your interiors. Expertly conceived for larger windows and patio doors, they offer unrivalled light control, gently diffusing sunlight to imbue your spaces with a soft, warm, and welcoming ambiance.

Perfect-Fit Blind

Perfect-Fit Blinds

Perfect-fit Blinds, as the name suggests, are meticulously crafted for an exact fit. They slot neatly into your windows, conservatories, or doors without any need for drilling or screwing, preserving the integrity of your frames. This transformative fitting process redefines the norms of installation, demonstrating our innovative edge and reinforcing our principle of customer convenience. The absence of cords or chains creates an uncluttered aesthetic, making Perfect-Fit Blinds a safe option for families and pet owners.

Venetian Blind

Venetian Blinds

Our Venetian blinds are engineered to cater to diverse aesthetic preferences and functional requirements, easing the path for you to stylise your spaces just the way you envision. Each slat of our Venetian blinds is diligently crafted to maintain its form and finish over time, promising not only aesthetic appeal but longevity as well.

Pleated Blind

Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds, with their distinctive, accordion-like folds, offer finesse and flair like no other. They can graciously diffuse daylight, casting an inviting, gentle glow across your room, or serve as your personal shield, safeguarding your privacy when you need it.

Roman Blind

Roman Blinds

Our Roman Blinds lend a contemporary yet classic charm to your windows with their distinct folding design. When raised, they gather into beautifully designed horizontal pleats, and when lowered, present a smooth and even appearance, providing your living spaces with a clean, uncluttered look.

Wooden Blind

Wooden Blinds

Wooden Blinds exude an understated elegance that complements almost any decor, be it modern, rustic, or everything in between. Their simple, clean lines create a refreshing and calming atmosphere that beckons you into a space that radiates warmth and security.

Electric Blind

Electric Blinds

Coming soon....

Step Two: Measuring up

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