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Vertical Blinds

Regarding Vertical Blinds, Simply Blinds has been supplying and installing Vertical Blinds for 26 Years. Simply Blinds manufactures and installs made-to-measure vertical blinds in a vast range of materials, and the colour pallet is extensive.

Simply Blinds was started by my Dad and has been a family-run business for over 20 years. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we can help you to decide what type of blinds would best suit your needs and windows, and we have many great reviews from the clients that we have helped to decide on what blinds to purchase. All measuring and quoting are free, and we aim to get you booked within 48 hours for a free measuring and quoting appointment. At Simply Blinds, we aim to make your blinds and a fitting selection available within five working days.

Vertical Blinds are offered at 7 Blinds for £125 in our budget fabrics. There is non-patterned fabric Cream, White or grey, to choose from, and although they are prevalent when a customer is working on a tight budget, this does not impact quality, durability or look. Many of our customers have had the budget fabrics in their homes for years. They are fresh and look good, adding that finishing touch to your home. 

Vertical Blinds in patterned fabrics are our mid-range fabrics, with all patterned fabrics available in White, Cream and a couple of selected fabrics in grey. Blackout Vertical Blinds come in various colours and are ideal for blocking out that early Sunrise or for night shift workers to sleep during the day. Blackout fabrics are sponge wipeable and are also available in Fire Retardant.

Vertical Blinds are also available in a soft or rigid PVC style and are long-lasting and durable. PVC Rigid Blinds are an ideal solution if you want to sponge soap wash your blinds. Also, if you don’t wish to have chains that your pets or little ones can tangle up in, PVC Rigid Blinds are an ideal solution.

PVC Vertical Blinds are ideal for Bathrooms and Kitchens. These blinds can be washed with soap and water and are durable, long-lasting and grease-proof. PVC Vertical Blinds are available in various colours to suit your décor or taste.

All Vertical Blinds can be chained at the bottom, or opt for the chainless style regardless of the chosen fabric. With so many options, I am confident you will find blinds that suit your taste, budget and requirements. Simply Blinds has excellent reviews on our friendly customer service and prompt turnaround on our orders. At Simply Blinds, we have become leading experts in advising our clients on the best solution available and suitable to their requirements and at competitive prices. Whether you are working to a budget or not, we have various options with Vertical blinds to suit all budgets.

Vertical Blinds By Simply Blinds

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